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Not only have we seen new dynamics spring up in her absence, like the unlikely friendship between Winston and Cece, but we've also been introduced to a compelling new character in Megan Fox's Reagan.So while I'm still very much looking forward to having Jess back where she belongs, I can't deny that it's been a highly enjoyable season even without her there to keep our gang in check.And then we had this idea of sequestering her, because they live in LA and it's the kind of place where they have high-profile cases.What really sold us on the idea, honestly, was just the idea of Jess in a jury sketch."And it all ended up working out for the best.the star of my very own TV show (shocking, I know), but if I was, then I'd have to have a pretty good excuse for taking time off from said show — especially if my absence ran the length of six full episodes.I'm, of course, making reference to Zooey Deschanel's temporary departure from in the first place and completely abandon her Season 5 duties?Pechenik has worked as an executive producer in the 2013 movie It is safe to say Jacob Pechenik doesn’t have an active social media life as he appears to neither have a Facebook or Twitter account.

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However on the TV show Bones, Emily Deschanel's character, Dr.

Brennan is pregnant with David Boreanaz's character, Booth's child. the ones in the family who have had a name change was Jaime who switched her last name to Boreanaz last february as a valentines gift to David and their children.

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Emily Deschanel is producer and actress who is the daughter of Caleb Deschanel, Caleb is a director and cinematographer.

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