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Well, cybercrime is not all about computer hacking, there are many types of cybercrimes in existence, that one may commit unknowingly.

However, that should not scare you off, in this discussion paper, one will be able to differentiate the types of cybercrimes, and/or the electronic gadgets oriented crimes.

First, computer-related crime consists of conduct that targets a computer or a computer system. Yasin acknowledges only two types of computer crimes, while Edward opines that there are three types of computer crime.Computer as a repository of evidence of a crime Edward Carter: Most of the repository type offenses are what might be called criminal enterprise offenses in which the perpetrator is engaged in some type of illegal business such as drug dealing, prostitution, or illegal arms sales and keeps his records electronically.[It also] includes contraband offenses where the computer contains materials, such as child pornography, in an electronic form that it is illegal to possess.Computer as target crimes are usually not engaged in for the purpose of financial gain (Edward, 2002).However, in some peculiar occasion, the crimes against the computer will advance to pecuniary interest, but in most instance, it is always for causing disorder within the networks, websites et al.

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However, it is not provided anywhere that the crimes occur in singularity.

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