Who tom sandoval dating

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Who tom sandoval dating

And I think one thing that sets me and Ariana's relationship apart from definitely, like, my past is we definitely have a lot of respect for each other and who we are as people and our intelligence," The couple has some plans together for the future, which consists of buying a house and possibly adopting a child.That is probably the next level of their relationship, right?But there is something more to their friendship that has ignited the gay rumors for them.Some of their intentional on-screen actions speak for themselves." to which he answered, So, it looks pretty clear and obvious that they intended to receive those rumors.

On March 2017, Ariana revealed The Daily Dish that they wish to buy a house soon, "I've been wanting to buy a house for so long that I think that when I'm finally a homeowner, I will feel a sense of relief, in a way.

Although it was just a funny on-screen dare, they kept the gay inquiries on the rise.

During another interview with WWHL, Sandoval was asked 'if you wanna go gay with one other male cast member on Vanderpump, who would you go gay with?

There's something about child birth, man, I can't get into it.

I can't get the enthusiasm that I've seen from other people. I think Tom grew up wanting kids, but I've asked him recently and I don't know if it's as important to him as it was before.

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