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For the past week I have been volunteering at an elementary school, acting as a mentor to the kids. The school is historically black, with a ratio of 99% black and 1% other. I am less inclined to volunteer at the school because of the fact that it is pretty much all African American. But in this situation, things are different for two reasons.

However, I find that I only really get to work with the kindergartners, who are great but not the age group I wanted to work with. I'm sure your first thought was "You racist bastard". 1) Being in an almost black school with kids near my age might be of some trouble for me.

He's strikingly good looking, and he's a normal twentysomething kid. My best friend’s a pipe layer, so we’re really quite different. Before this, we built retaining walls for pools together. My mother’s always been behind me, but I guess any mom would want their son or daughter to be a model. There’s way too many people at the places that people go out too. I learned from my lessons and learned that going at it beforehand was not a good thing. I do enjoy reading, and they have this great app on the i Phone that I can read books on. That’s not what everyone does, but I did have my Zoolander moments at the beginning. I stopped sucking my cheeks in, just for reference—I don’t do it anymore. Are male models bros with each other, or is it entirely competitive? There are so many good-looking brunettes with blue eyes. The good thing about the job is that I have not met one bad person in this industry so far. You could take a pair of pants and you could put them on anyone, and it would take a whole new form.

I kind of feel like that's what he was going for when he brought it up, but I can't be sure. Well, there is this big fountain in my city and we always see little kids playing in it. We went back to the dorm and changed into our swimsuits (not together, unfortunately).

It is near a bunch of really formal restaurants and hotels so we made sure to go in when no one was looking.

The water was colder than I expected but not too bad. My foot missed and I fell and scraped my side on the way down.

We have continued our nightly walks around the city and have had some really interesting conversations about girls, sex, and prostitution.

Even with all this, I haven't decided if he's gay yet. Something interesting that happened last night was he told me about reading questions on a website where people were asking "weird" things like "What kind of underwear do you prefer? ", as well as the common question "How big are you down there? Anyways, this was interesting because he had obviously planned to tell me this, it wasn't just a random conversation.

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He started out by blocking one of the shoots of water with his hand, getting me soaked. It hurt like hell, but the fact that I got to hold his hand made it worth it. He also mentioned that he wanted to dye his hair bright green.