Who is jon favreau speechwriter dating

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Who is jon favreau speechwriter dating

“Some people stopped [at a refueling point] in Alaska, got out, hung out there,” he says.

But it was also a clear indictment of Obama, the first time an opponent had pointed out that the man’s greatest asset—those words, that speechmaking—could also be a liability.“It’s my first time in Japan,” says Favreau, looking a little puffy and jet-lagged.In fact, in his suit and tie, with the bad lighting and straight-on camera angle, Favreau looks like a hung-over groomsman who’s been asked for a testimonial by the wedding videographer.He has been profiled in GQ and Vanity Fair and also appeared in Time magazine’s 2009 Time 100 list. He has also dated “Parks & Recreation” star Rashida Jones and was in 2010 briefly ensnared in scandal when a photo of him playing beer bong topless in a D.

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He has told friends he wants to pursue screenwriting, following in the footsteps of former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, who helped pen new NBC comedy “1600 Penn”, the Times reports.