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He ended up at Alabama because he didn’t qualify academically for Maryland, so former Terps coach Tom Nugent passed him along to Bear Bryant. The interviewer also asked how many sexual conquests he’d had, and he estimated the number at 300 by the time he finished college.

If you have time, you should really read the whole thing. Broadway Joe said when he was bored in class, he would make a list of all the women he’d been with, and the number was beyond 300.

Namath is known for boldly guaranteeing a Jets' victory over Don Shula's NFL Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III (1969), then making good on his prediction with a 16–7 upset (the win remains the Jets' only Super Bowl appearance).

He enrolled at the University of Alabama, but left before graduating in order to pursue a career in professional football.

However, a college degree was finally conferred on Namath at age 64, after he completed an external-program bachelor of arts degree in interdisciplinary studies at the University of Alabama in 2007.

He remained a highly recognizable figure in the media and sports worlds half a century after his brashness cemented his identity in the public mind.

and worked in the coal and steel industries of the greater Pittsburgh area.

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For instance, Namath was a great baseball player and said he wanted to turn pro and “take the money and run,” but his family wanted him to go to college instead.

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