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Who is hayden paniterre dating

They remained in the relationship as a boyfriend and girlfriend for about two years and separated in February 2009.After that, she met heavyweight boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko. But this relationship also didn't last that long and in May 2011, she announced that she had broken up in mutual understanding with him after two years together.

Now they are good friends but there is no sign of them getting together.After she resumed her relationship with him, she announced her engagement with him in October 2013.In 2019, Hayden became the mother for the first time in her life with Scotty Mc Knight.From June 2011, she started her affairs with NFL player Scotty Mc Knight.After a year, she confirmed reports that she and Klitschko had resumed their romantic relationship in an April 2013.

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She was just eleven, when she began her acting career.

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