Who is brandy dating ryan Wahtxxx com

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Who is brandy dating ryan

‘They’ve been going strong for two years,’ says an insider, who replied without hesitation when asked if marriage is in the cards:’Yep! Does anyone else remember Brandy being set up on a blind date by her best friend Shay on Season 2 of “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business,” and all the talk about being ready to get back in the dating world?She was even linked to Flo Rida in mid 2010 and said that “he’s somebody in my life, and I’m definitely interested.” We could let that go with a technicality and assume her and Laz Jr.’s relationship is coming close to a two-year anniversary and her friends just like to round up, but that would mean she had to jump straight from Flo to Ryan.

If Brandy is being a little sketchy about this relationship it wouldn’t be the first time.

She finally flaunted her hush-hush romance with music producer Ryan Presson at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan casino over New Year’s.

And pals believe the singer, 32, has found The One.

Age 39, American singer Brandy Norwood dated Sir the Baptist. The two spent quite a time with each other but Morris, who is six years older than her, ended the relationship before a month of Brandy's birthday.

The 39-years-old American singer posted a picture with a baby bump which made her fans speculate that the singer was pregnant with her second child and that the baby's father might be Sir the Baptist. Reports claim that Brandy accompanied Kobe to prom at Lower Merion High School in 1996.

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Brandy recently gushed about her relationship with Ryan Press on Wendy Williams and admitted that she’s in love with the producer who has to be a relative of Laz Alonzo on somebody’s side.

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