Wheelchair amp dating joshua and hollie dating american idol

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Wheelchair amp dating

I've seen a transformation — as an abled-bodied man he had his perspective of sexuality and love in the disabled community. A mind stretched by new ideas can never return to its original dimensions, you know?He came to my house a month ago and he showed me the film and it was beautiful. There are no words.""People have tried to execute it.The movie delves into the lives of each person, examining what it looks like for them to date, have sex, find love, and build families."Being a quadriplegic doesn't stop me.Being paralysed doesn't stop me from being in a relationship or being physical, or making love if I'm with the right person," Rockwood says in the film.

That can depress them and break down self-confidence."If you’re quadriplegic, like I am, then you can’t move and people have to do things for you.

There wasn’t anything out there that gave you that idea.

I think in most people’s minds, if you’re paralyzed they're wondering 'How can they have sex? Sexual intimacy is something that's extremely important to me.

If I ask you right now when’s the last time you saw a movie with a disabled man or woman in a loving relationship, you probably couldn't think of anything.

There isn’t that image of a woman in a chair being sexy.

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That’s my journey.""You have to love yourself first. Women who become disabled, we’re in a society that teaches us that being a woman is being beautiful and sexy and graceful and full of poise.

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