Webcamlife dating

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Webcamlife dating

Marc: I've always been curious about investigation, security, law enforcement. Then as I started working in the security and investigative end, I saw that there was a complete industry in the private sector that pretty much dealt with the same thing that police and law enforcement agencies deal with on a daily basis.

Marc: It's very interesting, and it's more publicized than most people know.

For instance, if I knew you were in Maryland for a conference, and I started calling around to hotels to try and find you, I would use a Burner number so that my number couldn't be traced back to our investigative firm.

We utilize that when we're making certain deals on Craigslist, when we're searching human trafficking, things like that.

So Burner really plays an important part in our everyday investigations.

Matt: So it protects you and it protects your clients. Matt: Are there cases where you have your clients set up a Burner number, too? In cases where people are looking for privacy, we have had a couple instances where some of our clients are adult webcam actresses and actors, and they want to keep their private life completely separate from their webcam life.

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You're completely limiting the marketing, you're completely limiting the advertising people will do because they don't know who that number belongs to so they can't sell that information to third parties who then prey on people to try to sell them things.