Video gamer dating website

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Video gamer dating website

Casey was a high school English teacher and Patrick was a Marine stationed in Hawaii when they began working on LFGdating.Initially, Casey worked on the site for hours at night — in between games of “Red Dead Redemption” and “Mass Effect 2.” Now, all that hard work has paid off. We’re seeing all positive metrics and setting new records, which is great for us.At first, the site had an app, but Casey and Patrick weren’t pleased with how it worked, so they developed it further.“We pulled the app because we didn’t like the functionality,” Casey said.I need to be precise.” Working in the dating industry also gives Casey a chance to get out and socialize.The goal, he said, is to get out and connect with people. I think LFGdating allowed us to do that from an intensely personal — but not commercial — way,” he said.

“We’re trying to kill two stigmas at once: gaming and online dating,” Casey said.

“It’s fun to be in the industry.” The site began when Casey and his friend Patrick Rafferty, who lived across the globe, decided to create a dating site they wished they’d had when they were younger.

They wanted to build a clean, tasteful online community of mature gamers looking for someone who understands them.

The Scoop: Singles who are passionate about playing video games often want to find partners who share that interest, and is where they can connect.

In 2018, the dating platform saw record growth in member signups and message exchanges, and the team plans to launch a much anticipated mobile app in early 2019 to help even more single gamers come together.

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