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Zoho Vault currently integrates with Manage Engine Service Desk Plus On Demand, Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Service Now, and JIRA service desks. They search the coast for weak points, storm the defenses and take away their spoils before the defenders can react.By acting as a troubled and none-too-bright end user, a social media grifter will ask for more and more information, and the unsuspecting service desk agent will offer more and more assistance in their effort to resolve the perceived issue.

This post will provide tips for reducing password-related calls to the helpdesk, and outline some security measures for safeguarding user accounts.

If the end-user does not enter the correct code, the Splash Page displays the "invalid code" error and the user can enter the code again.

In case they close the window before completing the validation process, the next time the Splash Page is opened, they'll be asked to re-enter a phone number.

Too often, the first priority is restoring the end user to full service and closing a ticket, when really there should be concurrent action with the security team(s) to assess what caused the event.

Validating the caller is often a secondary event, if it occurs at all – and this is where the social media conmen excel.

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The end-user has to enter this code in the appropriate input field in order to get full access to the Internet.

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