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Validating number in perl

For example, 0.9 cannot be represented by a native float, since the binary fraction for 0.9 is infinite: repeating again and again.

In addition to this limitation, the exponent of the binary number is also restricted when it is represented as a floating point number.

As mentioned earlier, Perl can store a number in any one of three formats, but most operators typically understand only one of those formats.

Native here means "a format supported by the C compiler which was used to build perl".

The term "native" does not mean quite as much when we talk about native integers, as it does when native floating point numbers are involved.

In particular, bugs/features of the compiler used may lead to breakage of some of the above rules.

Perl operations which take a numeric argument treat that argument in one of four different ways: they may force it to one of the integer/floating/ string formats, or they may behave differently depending on the format of the operand.

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The simplest and probably most used comparison operators test to see if one value is equal to another value.