Updating tzdata athletic women dating

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Updating tzdata

root:redhat.in /root 😃 ➤ yum repolist Loaded plugins: langpacks, product-id, search-disabled-repos, subscription-manager This system is registered to Red Hat Subscription Management, but is not receiving updates.

root:redhat.in /root 😃 ➤ yum repolist Loaded plugins: langpacks, product-id, search-disabled-repos, subscription-manager This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. repolist: 0 root:redhat.in /root 😃 ➤ subscription-manager register [email protected]=mypassword Registering to: redhat.com:443/subscription The system has been registered with ID: abcdefg-hijkl-mnop-bf16-cfa2dfcebbb4 root:redhat.in /root 😃 ➤ subscription-manager list --available ------------------------------------------- Available Subscriptions ------------------------------------------- Subscription Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite Provides: Red Hat Software Collections (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Container Development Kit MRG Realtime Red Hat EUCJP Support (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server - Extended Update Support Red Hat Beta Oracle Java (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Performance Networking (for RHEL Compute Node) dot NET on RHEL Beta (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Performance Networking (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Resilient Storage (for RHEL Server) Oracle Java (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Container Images Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time dot NET on RHEL (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host Red Hat S-JIS Support (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Scalable File System (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Enterprise Linux Resilient Storage (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host Beta Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Container Images Beta Red Hat Enterprise Linux Scalable File System (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Load Balancer (for RHEL Server) - Extended Update Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Software Collections Beta (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Enterprise Linux Load Balancer (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Performance Networking (for RHEL Server) Red Hat Developer Toolset (for RHEL Server) SKU: RH2262474 Contract: 11293058 Pool ID: 8a85f9815af00aed015af02fffbe5bb4 Provides Management: Yes Available: 100 Suggested: 1 Service Level: Self-Support Service Type: L1-L3 Subscription Type: Standard Ends: 03/21/2018 System Type: Virtual Type yum repolist to check if we run a registered system.

The Android core libraries team will provide the necessary data files for updating time zone rules on a stock Android device.

OEMs can choose to use these data files when creating time zone updates for their devices or can create their own data files if preferred.

In this case a long list, I just added bold fonts to the interesting tidbits...

Finished Dependency Resolution Dependencies Resolved================================================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository Size=================================================================================================Installing: kernel-uek-devel x86_64 2.6.39-100.0.5.el6uek kernel-uek-2.6.39-100.0.5-alpha 7.3 MUpdating: binutils x86_64 ol6_latest 2.8 M ca-certificates noarch 2010.63-3.el6_1.5 ol6_latest 531 k certmonger x86_64 0.42-1.el6_1.2 ol6_latest 193 k cifs-utils x86_64 4.8.1-2.el6_1.2 ol6_latest 41 k cups x86_64 1:1.4.2-39.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 2.3 M cups-libs x86_64 1:1.4.2-39.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 314 k ipa-client x86_64 2.0.0-23.el6_1.2 ol6_latest 88 k ipa-python x86_64 2.0.0-23.el6_1.2 ol6_latest 491 k kernel-uek-headers x86_64 2.6.39-100.0.5.el6uek kernel-uek-2.6.39-100.0.5-alpha 716 k kpartx x86_64 0.4.9-41.0.1.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 41 k nss x86_64 3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1 ol6_latest 772 k nss-sysinit x86_64 3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1 ol6_latest 28 k nss-tools x86_64 3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1 ol6_latest 749 k perf x86_64 2.6.32-131.12.1.el6 ol6_latest 998 k phonon-backend-gstreamer x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 125 k portreserve x86_64 0.0.4-4.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 22 k qt x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 4.0 M qt-sqlite x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 50 k qt-x11 x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 ol6_latest 12 M rsyslog x86_64 4.6.2-3.el6_1.2 ol6_latest 450 k samba-client x86_64 3.5.6-86.el6_1.4 ol6_latest 11 M samba-common x86_64 3.5.6-86.el6_1.4 ol6_latest 13 M samba-winbind-clients x86_64 3.5.6-86.el6_1.4 ol6_latest 1.1 M selinux-policy noarch 3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.7 ol6_latest 741 k selinux-policy-targeted noarch 3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.7 ol6_latest 2.4 M tzdata noarch 2011h-3.el6 ol6_latest 438 k tzdata-java noarch 2011h-3.el6 ol6_latest 150 k xmlrpc-c x86_64 1.16.24-1200.1840.el6_1.4 ol6_latest 103 k xmlrpc-c-client x86_64 1.16.24-1200.1840.el6_1.4 ol6_latest 25 k Removing: kernel-uek-devel x86_64 2.6.32-100.28.9.el6 installed 22 MTransaction Summary=================================================================================================Install 1 Package(s)Upgrade 29 Package(s)Remove 1 Package(s)Total size: 63 MIs this ok [y/N]: y Downloading Packages: Running rpm_check_debug Running Transaction Test Transaction Test Succeeded Running Transactionfs-snapshot: snapshotting /: /yum_20110926132957 Updating : nss-sysinit-3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1.x86_64 1/61 Updating : nss-3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1.x86_64 2/61 Updating : xmlrpc-c-1.16.24-1200.1840.el6_1.4.x86_64 3/61 Updating : xmlrpc-c-client-1.16.24-1200.1840.el6_1.4.x86_64 4/61 Updating : samba-winbind-clients-3.5.6-86.el6_1.4.x86_64 5/61 Updating : samba-common-3.5.6-86.el6_1.4.x86_64 6/61 Updating : certmonger-0.42-1.el6_1.2.x86_64 7/61 Updating : nss-tools-3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1.x86_64 8/61 Updating : ca-certificates-2010.63-3.el6_1.5.noarch 9/61 Updating : 1:qt-4.6.2-17.el6_1.1.x86_64 10/61 Updating : 1:qt-sqlite-4.6.2-17.el6_1.1.x86_64 11/61 Updating : 1:qt-x11-4.6.2-17.el6_1.1.x86_64 12/61 Updating : 1:phonon-backend-gstreamer-4.6.2-17.el6_1.1.x86_64 13/61 Updating : portreserve-0.0.4-4.el6_1.1.x86_64 14/61 Updating : ipa-python-2.0.0-23.el6_1.2.x86_64 15/61 Updating : 1:cups-libs-1.4.2-39.el6_1.1.x86_64 16/61 Updating : selinux-policy-3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.7.noarch 17/61 Updating : selinux-policy-targeted-3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.7.noarch 18/61 Updating : 1:cups-1.4.2-39.el6_1.1.x86_64 19/61 Updating : ipa-client-2.0.0-23.el6_1.2.x86_64 20/61 Updating : samba-client-3.5.6-86.el6_1.4.x86_64 21/61 Updating : tzdata-2011h-3.el6.noarch 22/61 Updating : cifs-utils-4.8.1-2.el6_1.2.x86_64 23/61 Updating : rsyslog-4.6.2-3.el6_1.2.x86_64 24/61 Installing : kernel-uek-devel-2.6.39-100.0.5.el6uek.x86_64 25/61 Updating : kernel-uek-headers-2.6.39-100.0.5.el6uek.x86_64 26/61 Updating : binutils- 27/61 Updating : tzdata-java-2011h-3.el6.noarch 28/61 Updating : perf-2.6.32-131.12.1.el6.x86_64 29/61 Updating : kpartx-0.4.9-41.0.1.el6_1.1.x86_64 30/61 Cleanup : selinux-policy-targeted-3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.2.noarch 31/61 Cleanup : selinux-policy-3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.2.noarch 32/61 Cleanup : tzdata-2011h-2.el6.noarch 33/61 Cleanup : kernel-uek-headers.x86_64 34/61 Cleanup : kernel-uek-headers.x86_64 35/61 Cleanup : tzdata-java-2011h-2.el6.noarch 36/61 Cleanup : perf-2.6.32-131.6.1.el6.x86_64 37/61 Cleanup : kernel-uek-devel-2.6.32-100.28.9.el6.x86_64 38/61 Cleanup : ipa-client-2.0.0-23.el6_1.1.x86_64 39/61 Cleanup : certmonger-0.42-1.el6.x86_64 40/61 Cleanup : 1:qt-x11-4.6.2-17.el6.x86_64 41/61 Cleanup : 1:phonon-backend-gstreamer-4.6.2-17.el6.x86_64 42/61 Cleanup : samba-client-3.5.6-86.el6.x86_64 43/61 Cleanup : 1:cups-1.4.2-39.el6.x86_64 44/61 Cleanup : samba-common-3.5.6-86.el6.x86_64 45/61 Cleanup : 1:qt-sqlite-4.6.2-17.el6.x86_64 46/61 Cleanup : 1:qt-4.6.2-17.el6.x86_64 47/61 Cleanup : xmlrpc-c-client-1.16.24-1200.1840.el6.x86_64 48/61 Cleanup : nss-tools-3.12.9-9.0.1.el6.x86_64 49/61 Cleanup : ca-certificates-2010.63-3.el6.noarch 50/61 Cleanup : nss-sysinit-3.12.9-9.0.1.el6.x86_64 51/61 Cleanup : nss-3.12.9-9.0.1.el6.x86_64 52/61 Cleanup : xmlrpc-c-1.16.24-1200.1840.el6.x86_64 53/61 Cleanup : samba-winbind-clients-3.5.6-86.el6.x86_64 54/61 Cleanup : 1:cups-libs-1.4.2-39.el6.x86_64 55/61 Cleanup : portreserve-0.0.4-4.el6.x86_64 56/61 Cleanup : ipa-python-2.0.0-23.el6_1.1.x86_64 57/61 Cleanup : cifs-utils-4.8.1-2.el6.x86_64 58/61 Cleanup : rsyslog-4.6.2-3.el6_1.1.x86_64 59/61 Cleanup : binutils- 60/61 Cleanup : kpartx-0.4.9-41.0.1.el6.x86_64 61/61 Removed: kernel-uek-devel.x86_64 0:2.6.32-100.28.9.el6 Installed: kernel-uek-devel.x86_64 0:2.6.39-100.0.5.el6uek Updated: binutils.x86_64 0: ca-certificates.noarch 10.63-3.el6_1.5 certmonger.x86_64 0:0.42-1.el6_1.2 cifs-utils.x86_64 0:4.8.1-2.el6_1.2 cups.x86_64 1:1.4.2-39.el6_1.1 cups-libs.x86_64 1:1.4.2-39.el6_1.1 ipa-client.x86_64 0:2.0.0-23.el6_1.2 ipa-python.x86_64 0:2.0.0-23.el6_1.2 kernel-uek-headers.x86_64 0:2.6.39-100.0.5.el6uek kpartx.x86_64 0:0.4.9-41.0.1.el6_1.1 nss.x86_64 0:3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1 nss-sysinit.x86_64 0:3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1 nss-tools.x86_64 0:3.12.9-12.0.1.el6_1 perf.x86_64 0:2.6.32-131.12.1.el6 phonon-backend-gstreamer.x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 portreserve.x86_64 0:0.0.4-4.el6_1.1 qt.x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 qt-sqlite.x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 qt-x11.x86_64 1:4.6.2-17.el6_1.1 rsyslog.x86_64 0:4.6.2-3.el6_1.2 samba-client.x86_64 0:3.5.6-86.el6_1.4 samba-common.x86_64 0:3.5.6-86.el6_1.4 samba-winbind-clients.x86_64 0:3.5.6-86.el6_1.4 selinux-policy.noarch 0:3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.7 selinux-policy-targeted.noarch 0:3.7.19-93.0.1.el6_1.7 tzdata.noarch 11h-3.el6 tzdata-java.noarch 11h-3.el6 xmlrpc-c.x86_64 0:1.16.24-1200.1840.el6_1.4 xmlrpc-c-client.x86_64 0:1.16.24-1200.1840.el6_1.4 Complete!

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