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After more calls and chat sessions I find out they have another 48 hours to unlock the phone. So essentially they are holding my phone hostage to inconvenience me. Not to mention how much money I have paid them over the last year, leases for both phones and monthly service fee my bill was 0 a month X 12 months = 2760.00. Now I bought my phone outright for 3 with tax and Sprint wanted 0 for the same phone and I pay 0 per year for new service at 12 G a month! PRL is the abbreviation for "Preferred Roaming List." This information tells your phone which cell phone towers connect to the network on which it runs, and the order in which to connect to towers in your area.Sprint sends out these updates automatically; you probably haven't realized your phone has been receiving them.I never leave reviews but due to the way she handled the situation I felt the need to. Nextel had much better coverage overall plus the walkie talkie feature was excellent. Sprint does need to improve upon their network coverage. I was told that two of the phones (2 i Phone X) in my 5 lines needed to be changed because they were unable to activate them. I asked to be on an international plan so My wife would be able to make calls to her family in her country of origin. I even went to the store twice and spoke with the supervisor who advised me to speak with customer relations because they are the ones who could help me solve this problem. SCAM ARTIST— when I get the bill almost a month later, I am leasing phones I didn’t know I was leasing, my plan is for well over 35.00 per month and these so called free phones are gonna cost me in 18 months. Not sure why as the website was still showing available as I was on the phone with customer care. Im sure I would have waited and received the watch just as series 5 was available.

Go to the main menu and select "Settings," followed by "Phone Info" and "Update PRL." It takes less than a minute for your phone to update automatically. First, dial "*228" on your cell phone and press "send." Listen to the menu options and select Option 2.I had been a Sprint customer for 13 years, I decided to leave because I found great service so much cheaper at another provider.So it started in August 2019, I ported my number and decided to return the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus I was leasing for 35.47 per month (paid them over 0 for the phone) and they wanted another 2.00 for me to keep the phone that is only worth about 5.00. I made over 5 phone calls and several chat sessions online, they had to send out a return kit, well it took weeks to get here.When she sent the update information, I noticed that I am being charged 19 a month for my phone which I've had for just about 4 years. And as indicated on your website, there is no lease on this phone. Said, "Don't worry, we will mark your phone as paid ( for an i Phone 6s) and no more payments. I started checking around for better plans and decided, hey. I was misinformed completely what the plan was and how it works.When I call back to inquire about the charge, the customer service rep said that it was the for the lease. She tried to explain well, that was for the service. My phone is paid off, let me switch to this MUCH cheaper carrier and give it a try. Long story short I wanted to buy new phones, pay them off, and then own them and just pay for the service.

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She was amazing at understanding the issues at hand, taking fault in the errors that Sprint's employees caused in the store when I originally bought the phone getting the wrong info, and also on the phone with rude customer support. I spoke 9-10 different times on settling this bill and being refunded back the amount I was billed for. Pay me back for what I was billed for and cancel my services. Just kidding, it turned out my services continued for another month and I received another email of a bill that I owed.

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