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Updating root zone file

At the time of writing you’ll only need to scroll down a bit on the front page to find IPv4 address from the a.DNS Server.Use this IP address or DNS name in the window Server to Copy From and click on OK.The COLUMN property_name FORMAT A30 COLUMN property_value FORMAT A20 SELECT property_name, property_value FROM database_properties WHERE property_name LIKE 'DST_%' ORDER BY property_name; PROPERTY_NAME PROPERTY_VALUE ------------------------------ -------------------- DST_PRIMARY_TT_VERSION 26 DST_SECONDARY_TT_VERSION 0 DST_UPGRADE_STATE NONE SQL We can see there is a difference between the current and latest version of the time zone file, so we should consider performing an upgrade.The prepare phase is where you check the impact of a time zone file upgrade, including the tables that will be affected by the upgrade.

You can perform the manual steps described above, including the investigation during the prepare phase and dealing with upgrade failures, for each container individually. If the script is run in parallel, some of the PDBs will be processed at the same time as the root container, so their upgrade will be interrupted by the root container shutdown/startup.

The "current" version dates to August 1997, and the file can be slightly out-of-date without causing adverse effects.

Still, you should probably check every six months or so to see if it's changed.

Sometimes the IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses are changed or are added to the list.

Thus a good practice is to update your DNS Server Root Hints occasionally.

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