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This Policy sets forth procedures to manage the retention and disposal of these Records, and is intended to ensure that the University: University Records are the property of the University and not of the officers, faculty members, or employees who create them or to whom they are entrusted.

Record: Any type of record created or received in the course of University business, including, but not limited to, paper, email, any type of electronic file or data, still photographs, motion pictures, drawings, plans/blueprints, and audio/video recordings, etc.

If there is no set minimum record retention period in your state, you should probably consider retaining your records for a minimum of 7 years for adult clients.

If you see Medicaid clients or those receiving other federal government assistance, you may want to extend that period to 10 years (since federal “false claims” actions can be brought against a health care provider up to 10 years).

This guide is designed to provide research assistance to students in the Arthur L.

The following is a de-identified composite of calls made to the ACA-sponsored Risk Management Helpline, operated by Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler, J.

Furthermore, the “statute of limitations” may be relevant in setting your records maintenance and retention policy; this pertains to the number of years after an injury or its discovery that a client has to file a suit.

The statute of limitations for both negligence and breach of contract actions should be checked, since the latter period might apply in a complaint alleging breach of confidentiality.

You may also wish to contact your licensure board to see if they have guidelines for record retention. Some of your clients may return to you in the future and records may help you to remember details of the counseling relationship.All products and services may not be available in all states and may be subject to change without notice.CNA policies are underwritten by the property/casualty companies of CNA, Chicago, IL. This publication is intended to inform Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., customers of potential liability in their practice. It is not intended to offer legal advice or to establish appropriate or acceptable standards of professional conduct.(See also 2005 ACA Code of Ethics, section B.6.g.) Federal HIPAA laws address privacy and security but do not set record retention periods.Counselor licensure law or regulations sometimes specify how long records must be kept.

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Some attorneys advise keeping records indefinitely, but counselors must balance the possible need for records with the cost and trouble of storing them.