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Tableau provides no guarantee or warranty that using Tableau with any particular ODBC driver or database will be able to successfully connect and query data.

One example of how Tableau changes behavior based on what the driver reports is the list of functions available when creating a calculated field.

Additionally there are a number of third party manufacturers of ODBC drivers that can provide drivers for a variety of common databases.

Be sure your ODBC driver is a version 3 or higher driver, meaning it implements the ODBC specification version 3.

But you might be working with a database that Tableau doesn't have a connection for.

In that case, you still might be able to connect Tableau to the database.

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Some examples of the capabilities discovery that Tableau performs include: After the connection is established, if Tableau has determined that the capabilities available classify this connection as anything less than fully functional, a message is displayed to inform you of the limitations that have been detected.