Updating list of appendix tables in word

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I’ll have to try and insert the captions then go through all 14000 words and update the caption style manually. Just tried the table of figures and tables after all that and, again, if I choose captions labelled Figure the table shows figures and tables – if I choose tables it shows figures and tables.

Not sure what the problem with Word 2013 butt it doesn’t appear to work with these instructions. Hi Richard, I’ve just sat down and checked it all words for Word 2013 and it does – I created a Table caption, created two Figure captions, changed the colour of the captions to red, right-clicked on the Caption style, chose update style to match selection and it updated them all into red, then created two tables, one of figures and one of captions.

Think I managed to update the style but when I do step 2 and insert the caption it changes it back to Calibri, 9pt in blue – it’s supposed to be Arial, 11pt, black.

There doesn’t appear to be anyway of making that caption appear in any other style than what the programme thinks it should be inserted in.

How do you create a two-line figure caption and a one-line entry in the table of figures?

I bear no responsibility for any pickles you might get yourself into!They should be separate from the main table of contents, and listed below. you’ve inserted your figure or table then typed its caption underneath, haven’t you? You can see a drop down list which says Figure at the moment. Once you’ve clicked, the Caption section above it will also change to read Table 1.The tricky thing is creating two lists, one of tables and one of figures. But we want to differentiate between figures and tables, so click on the arrow on the right to drop down the list. Now you can type the caption text straight into this box.Let’s do the table of figures first (it doesn’t matter which order you do this in).Create a blank page where you want your table of figures to go, or click just below your Table of Contents if you’ve already created that.

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I’ll devote another article to dealing with something that’s gone wrong … Put your cursor where you want the caption to go (arrow), Click on the Insert Caption button. Remember, we want to mark a difference between tables and figures so that Word can create automatic lists.