Updating firmware dap1360

Posted by / 10-Oct-2019 18:16

Updating firmware dap1360

Best thing to do is do a hard reset and then update your firmware to the latest version.

If this is the case, you will need to reconfigure the router manually.If the default password on the D-Link has been changed then-To reset the D-Link back to the default settings -Press and hold the RESET button at the back of the router with the power ON untilthe LEDs flash at the time the release the RESET button.Connect a LAN cable from the D-Link to your laptop/computer's LAN port, openthe browser on your laptop/computer and enter the D-Link's configuration URL.. default login = admin The default PW = blank (just press Enter) You can now change the default password. Now configure the wireless card in your computer/laptop withthe router's wireless settings.Once you have reset the router, the username and password will be changed to the defaults, admin and password, respectively. PUT LAN CABLE FIRST FROM THE ROUTER TO YOUR PC / LAPTOP.One thing you must remember is that resetting the router will change all of the router settings back to the factory settings. FROM CONTROL PANEL CLICK NETWORK CONNECTION THEN RIGHT CLICK THE CONNECTION THEN STATUS/SUPPORTYOU CAN SEE DEFAULT GATEWAY COPY HE NUMBERS, OPEN INTERNET EXPLORER PUT THE NUMBERS CORRECTLY TO IE WEB BROWSER THEN ENTER.

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The D-Link® Xtreme N Dual Band USB Adapter (DWA-160) is the latest addition to the award-winning Xtreme N product family.