Updating elementary schools

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Updating elementary schools

“We’ve already had an open house and the parents have been very happy with the way the construction has gone so far and how the new parts of the building look.

Guidance is the Student and Exchange Visitor Program’s (SEVP) interpretation of federal laws and regulations that guide SEVP adjudicators in their decision-making. Governing regulations are developed and instituted by each cabinet-level agency in the Federal Government.Mason Montello and Sonnie Griffith, second-graders at Wilson Elementary School, take part in activities in a hallway at the school on Tuesday, October 21, 2014.West Allegheny School District has started the second phase of a renovation project at Wilson Elementary School that will lose the “open-classroom” layout that became popular in the 1970s.The rooms at Mc Kee and Wilson will be converted to individual classrooms, mostly due to changing security protocols that require staff to be able to secure classrooms during lockdown drills, Fibbi said.Opportunities for large-group learning still will be available, he said.

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This guidance provides SEVP policy, process and timeline for enforcing the Accreditation Act.

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