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Updating drivers for tap tap revenge

He threatened to report me to steam support or whatever and get me trade banned.

I added the person who the other knife belonged to so I could confirm whether he was also scammed or not.

Here is a screenshot of the events that took place: I told him again that as soon as the other party accepted my friend request and confirmed that the knife trade was legit, that I would give the knife back straight away. He has since changed his steam name and set his profile to private. I've heard people say that a paysafecard is much better. They can also see that the knife came from /u/Shi Ft RS originally.

However, if it turned out that the other party had also been scammed like me, I would give the other party his knife back. You sir, are a legend :) love how you got your knife back with teamviewer. For the scam report to go through, there has to be a big mistake from Valve's side./r/Global Offensive is a home for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community and a hub for the discussion and sharing of content relevant to CS: GO.

I recently opened a CS: GO weapon case, to find a lovely Stattrak Gut Knife.

Since I've seen these things sell for over US0, I thought I'd give it a shot selling it. Could pay more through paypal, western union or bank transfer. (You go first, can show proof of the money and history of past trades for knives... )I was a bit sceptic of this reply, but I thought I'd add him anyway, was worth a shot! I first suggested trading it for €120 on steam market, and then adding €100 after the trade.

I posted it on my barely used csgolounge account to see what I could get. He was surprisingly friendly and spoke perfect English, so this was a plus. This way he was guaranteed to get the knife, and I was guaranteed at least €120, even if I got scammed. He said that he said it had to be either steammarket OR paypal, not both.

This was the confirmation I needed to know I had been scammed.To my surprise, it still logged in with the details he gave me previously.However, he was not in game, nor was he even at his computer. I went through his friendslist to find that I had been blocked - which explained why his online status hadn't changed for me.Instead, Firefox lets you choose whether or not to allow a plugin to run on a website.If Firefox blocks a plugin, rather than seeing content, you'll see a message prompting you to click to run the plugin, such as Adobe Flash.

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Until I received an email from Pay Pal: I immediately messaged him. It said he was still playing CS: GO so I knew he was online. I thought, "Maybe he is in an intense MM match and can't reply right away.

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