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Updating bluetooth on the motorola q

Anyway, whereas other stereo-capable handsets might relegate stereo-playback to the headphones, the Q has built-in stereo speakers and in my tests, they were plenty loud for most applications.

Speaking of stereo playback, the Q is also one of the first smartphones to support the A2DP Bluetooth Profile.

The Q's most obvious characteristics -- the ones that should appeal to business users and consumers alike -- are its QWERTY keyboard, a thumbwheel on the right edge (to aid in Blackberry-esque single handed operation), a back button (for backing your way out of some place you've drilled into), it's size and thickness (11.5 with the standard battery), and its operating system.

The Motorola Q is one of the few smartphones in the American market to use Microsoft's smartphone edition of its Windows Mobile 5 operating system.

This is the profile that let's a Bluetooth-enabled PC connect wirelessly to the phone so it can make use of the phone's access to VZW's wireless broadband EVDO network for Internet access.

And, it launched amongst much fanfare upon its arrival.

But now that's its here and I've been using it on a daily basis, I have to say that, had I been working for Motorola or Microsoft prior to its planned release, this is one device that leaves so much to be desired that I'm not sure that I would have let it out the door.

Although it's not going to win any awards, the photo to the left (it has been cropped) was one of those pictures where I was wishing I had a camera with me when I suddenly realized that I did, i in the Q.

It's of my son letting a caged rabbit at a farm sniff his hand. But in terms of capturing the moment, it can sometimes get the job done.

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In practice, EVDO has been the fastest of the "wireless broadband offerings" (and, in a future review installment, I'll talk about the Q's Internet performance).