Updating authority files

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Updating authority files

An authority record is made when a heading is established, i.e., authorized for use as the main entry (preferred title and, if appropriate, the authorized access point for the creator), an added entry, or subject entry, for the first time, while cataloging of a library item.

Authority control is the process that is applied to both descriptive and subject analysis parts of cataloging.

If you find a national-level authority record in Orbis (these records contain an 010 field), use the heading in the bib record.

Update the authority record with local analysis or classification decisions if necessary.

[under revision] To ensure consistency, an authority record is created for each authorized heading (authorized access point) for a proper name or a subject, etc.It is not intended for other cataloging staff responsible for copy cataloging or for acquisitions staff involved in FASTCAT processing.The warning message means that the bibliographic record has been sent to MARS for authorities processing but has not yet been received back and loaded.When should I Ask the Authority Control Coordinator to make a heading correction? Catalogers should generally make headings changes themselves if fewer than 20 records need to be changed or if special subject or language expertise is required to determine the correct heading. May I correct headings in the records of other Yale units? Do not change other units' local subject headings without permission. Please refer the problem to the Authority Control Librarian using the web form.Catalogers may ask the Authority Control Librarian to make heading corrections when 20 or more records need to be changed or when a consistent problem with the MARS authorities processing may be indicated. Yes, if you are sure that the change is correct (e.g. If in doubt, refer the problem to the Authority Control Librarian using the Please use the Heading Change request Form. Please refer the problem to the Authority Control Librarian using the web form. Linked headings are pairs of headings that begin with (one heading is in a romanized form, the other is in a nonroman form).

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Export to MARS for authorities processing once the SACO authority record has been approved by LC and appears in the national authority file.