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Updating 1970s houses

It sounds like a simple concept, but it can be difficult to create a look that works in reality. Depending on the property, you might be able to make some minor alterations to the roofline, add a new porch or some feature cladding, change the entrance, erect a new fence, do some different landscaping, add a driveway or carport, or makeover the garage doors.

If your home is boxy or flat looking, investigate ways to give it some dimension.

The problem is that many renovators don’t know what other options and materials are available, and they lack the experience to successfully work in new cosmetic or minor structural elements in a way that suits the style of their home. If you want to change the look of your home’s facade, there are other things you can (and need to) do to create a much bigger impact than a paint job and a bit of landscaping.

Start with gathering some images of home facades you love the look of.

Inside, windows of varying sizes frame views of the picturesque landscape.Repair Walls When we purchased our home, it was apparent that years of poor quality DIY patching had taken place.We had our painter fix the blemishes and fill all 240 nail holes. Now when the light shines on them, it looks like new drywall!A current and cohesive paint palette brings the home into the present.Remove Dated Fixtures Replace dated and builder’s grade light fixtures and hardware for a quick fix to make your home feel like new.

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