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And that's what I go out: 1 with texture; 2 without texture; 3 from a different angle, without texture. probably need to use a Blend material - one for the highlight and the second to reflect the texture, or something like that. Material is not lit, and on it at this moment another texture.

Need help in creating the correct understanding of glare and reflections. A living example - a modern rear optics all the machines when not lit, one pattern when illuminated - see beautiful glowing pattern.

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I believe that the need to use VRay Blend Mtl, but how to make friends with a metal screen - I can not think of, and the search results are not returned .. texture, using procedural maps or what other devious way, which, because of their ignorance , I do not see). Rummaged through the Internet, I can not find a replacement mentalreevskomu shader Ocean Lume. Please help us to make stained glass in the windows and colored shadows from them.

From the mental refused for a long time, but just as easy to create beautiful and the water in the V-ray does not work (not just water and the huge expanse of ocean). I make a composite material made of colored transparent glass, and as a result, getting the blind window and, of course, no falling colored teney.

I read many articles on the Internet, they are all different - and vie yard and mental yard, but they are unfortunately not opened my eyes to the fact that what they eat. In my experiments I achieve this effect through time and with great difficulty. Perhaps this question is huge and requires writing an entire article, if so, please - do not scold for stupid questions. When texturing a floor in a subway car, I have a problem creating a realistic metallic coating.

In prvom reference not seen "vague" to highlight "textured "floor.

I can not make plastic "tune up", make him look like plastic. Each time they create znanovo or shake the preform (eg Wray) and is simply adjusted to the your interior?Hello, I want to create an animated luminous material. I'll tell you how he tried to solve the situation (sorry picture does not attach to the hierarchy): 1.Material Mtlwraper (with values ​​Generate GI / Receive GI = 20) 2.Here is my example of life: In his classes you briefly mentioned this effect and that it is not necessary to include unnecessarily.I want to know more about how to make a likeness of what settings to use.

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3 days already looking for an answer .......: | Hello, dear renderstaff.

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