Truth behind teen dating

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When you own your own business you are not guaranteed a certain sum of money each month.

Our income really depends on whether she made good sales that month.

By buying their products, not only are you shopping local but you are supporting a great cause.

You have probably heard the ad on C95 telling people to “shop at a store with a door.” But what does that mean?

It has been reported Shakur broke off his 18 month-long fling with Madonna in January 2015 because she was white.

In a startling prison letter, the tragic rapper told the Queen of Pop their relationship was becoming bad for his gangsta image. They married just four months after he wrote the letter.

Obviously every store has a door, but there is a deeper meaning to this message that maybe not everyone understands.

I have been doing a lot of research on this topic, and with my personal experience, I think I have a good understanding of what it means. Shopping local means buying from either a store that is locally owned or somewhere that is ethically sourced.

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TUPAC Shakur's 'secret' wife has told how they married in a jailhouse ceremony while he was serving time for sex crimes.