Tips for dating someone in aa

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Tips for dating someone in aa

Build new healthy relationships with positive people. Reconnect with friends and loved ones who may have distanced themselves. Don’t mistake an enthusiasm to change with actual action.

If what you’re doing doesn’t work, then you have to take massive action to change.

Whether this involves aftercare programs like AA or NA, build an extended family who understand what you’re going through.

This can be a good substitute or compliment to full-out meditation.

You can take advice and seek out support, but ultimately you need to be responsible for your own recovery. Do what works for you, never believe anyone who tells you that their way is the only way. At the same time, make sure you’re not lying to yourself.

Feeling sorry for yourself won’t accomplish anything. Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of your life. Heighten your self-awareness through meditation and self-reflection.

Don’t let the things you can’t control, control YOU. If you do relapse, don’t let it slip back into full-out abuse. Then take massive action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Always be willing to learn, and don’t assume you “know the way”.

Just because you’ve kicked your alcohol or drug addiction, doesn’t mean that addiction won’t still creep up on you. Always keep moving forward in your personal growth.

Chasing a dream doesn’t mean you get to neglect your responsibilities. Do you have any of your own tips for staying sober that aren’t listed here?

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