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Teenage dating older person

This ensures that high school graduates will not be completely drowned in their own naivete in their first relationship after high school.#2: The same can happen after high school, so the argument is void.#3: In life, one has to learn to deal with their own distractions.The world is dog-eat-dog, and those who can't manage their own thoughts deserve the grades they get.When a person comes to realization that the adult world is so much more different than a teenage world, his/her past experience in high school dating will be of no use.How can one grow in judgment by dating when his/her boyfriend/girlfriend are also trying to grow in judgment in the same thing? By prohibiting highschool dating, we can reduce physical violence and make it easier for students to attain their goals.Why do you suppose that dating will help a teenager grow as a person when it can very well hinder a person's growth in judgment.I agree in that high school is where you can develop judgment, but honestly, what does dating have anything to do with gaining judgment?I am going to post this debate again because my opponent did forfeit the previous debate that we had.To whoever accepts this debate, this thought has been in head for long time, I would like to see if anyone agrees with me.

I am not arguing that it should be illegal to date, I am just trying to give reasons why parents should teach their children that high school is not the right time to date.Emotional trauma Why do you think the trauma that a teen does undergo is supposed to be taken the same way as a thirty year old would?Teen trauma can affect later marriages rendering the practice of dating useless.Also, conflict and experience helps with the development of judgment, which is best to grow at a younger age.#5: This happens between people who aren't dating as well.The only way to prevent all sexual and physical violence is to separate all human beings.

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The same goes for sex in general; not abuse, but sex. " after all, eight-nine percent of 13 to 19 year olds "practiced" dating before.