Ted iphone app not updating

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Think of it as sort of a strategic advertisement that lives on the home screens of hundreds of millions of i Phone users.

(Apple said today it's sold more than 700 million i Phones since it was introduced in 2007, though not all of those devices can run i OS 8.2.) Apple was not immediately available for comment on whether the app would ever be removable.

For now, the Apple Watch app entices consumers with product videos, but it's not hard to imagine an update down the line that lets the app notify you every 30 seconds that it's time to just cave, buy the watch and live in the future already.

Like Stocks, Calendar, Contacts and other Apple-made apps on i OS, the new Apple Watch app can't be deleted from your i Phone.

Obviously, this is a workaround to what will hopefully be a temporary bug, but if you do go abroad and still have roaming on, remember to switch it off as otherwise you might face a nasty phone bill. Once the backup is complete, press the “Restore Backup” button to begin the restoration process.3.

If cellular data stubbornly refuses to cooperate, we may need to reset the network settings completely. When the restoration completes, check to see if your data works better.

It's the software hub that lets owners of pair the gadget with their i Phone, control certain watch settings and download new wearable apps.The shows and downloaded episodes stay in your library, but new episodes might not be updated. What better way to convince Apple i Phone users they should shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the latest gadget than an app you can't remove from your smartphone?Tap Downloaded Episodes to see only the podcasts that you downloaded, and to listen without cellular data or Wi-Fi.Use this tab to search for specific episodes, shows, providers, or topics.

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