Tanzania sex chat

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Tanzania sex chat

Extreme poverty has largely stagnated and there is a growing base of urban middle-class people in Tanzania.

Corruption is rife in cities like Dar es Salaam and even the police are guilty of trying to solicit bribes.

The main issue that concerns the international community is President Magufuli’s stance on freedom of expression in Tanzania.

He’s limited live broadcasts of parliamentary sittings to ‘question & answer’ sessions and has imposed tough censorship on newspapers and radio stations to prevent the spread of fake news.

In light of renewed terrorist activity in Africa as a whole, Tanzania cooperates with the United States and regional partners to drive counterterrorism initiatives.

The country has experienced a series of suspected terrorist attacks in recent years but they have been limited to the coastal region of Pwani, and mainly targeted police and party officials.

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Magufuli has been hailed by the international community for taking decisive steps to reign in public spending and stamp out corruption since he took office in 2015.

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