Success of speed dating

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She was pretty, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put a ‘yes’ next to her name.

‘I’m not big on mummy issues.’ ‘I’ve been to over 40 speed dating nights.

’ ‘Ten years ago, I went to my first, and only, speed dating event.

‘This is back when the concept was fairly new and a bit of a novelty.

‘I’d tried speed dating numerous times before I met him, but most of the men were much older than the suggested demographic for the group.

The women were nice, but apparently they didn’t feel the same way about me.‘I went home mortified, with no boyfriend and no matches.’ ‘I’ve been to quite a few speed dating nights but there’s one that stands out.‘During one very drunken Date in a Dash event in the West End, two of the other guests disappeared to the toilets during the break.‘Later, they both emerged looking very dishevelled.His hair was all over the place, and her make-up was smudged.

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‘In 2012, my boyfriend and I were on a break, so I decided to go along to a speed dating night in Richmond.

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