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Sr dating poznati online  2016

He provided the voice for Marlin for the Serbian Finding Nemo, and acted in the Poslednja Nova Godina that same year.

In 2006, he co-wrote the soundtrack and composed Adrenaline Junkie for the American film Undisputed II: Last Man Standing.

He voiced Squilliam Fancyson for the Serbian dub for Sponge Bob Square Pants and Artie Ziff for The Simpsons. Songs Doktore and Tamo gde si ti featured guest vocals from Mario Jovanović from the band Rhythm Attack and from Bane Danilović from Who Is The Best.

The same year, he was featured on Marchelo's album De Facto, more specifically the song Bolji život (Better life), where Marchelo provided guest vocals.

In 2009 City Records launched The Ultimate Collection, which was composed out of his most popular songs at the time.

Songs Pravo u raj, Srce and Over reached number 1 on the Serbian Prva Charts after the second publishing.

His more recent work incorporates radio friendly melodies, which embark commercial success, including I dalje me žele, Plan B, Kilo koke and Biću tu (20 godina kasnije), winning an Index Award, an Oscar of Popularity and an MTV Platinum Award.Andonov also had done work for television and film, either producing music, voicing characters for Serbian dubs or presenting himself in various reality shows or movies.He performed in Operacija trijumf, was a contestant in the Serbian Big Brother, Veliki brat and produced instrumentals for the Serbian Your Face Sounds Familiar, Tvoje lice zvuči poznato.In 2004, he re-recorded Kiša (Rain), from his 2003 album Beograd.The 2004 version included vocals provided by Macedonian recording artist Tijana Dapčević.

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Gru 2 contains the most songs done as alliances with other Serbian musicians of all his albums.

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