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Sometimes my delivery is too dry for people to realize I'm joking..watching the five second delay as someone gets it! Love all animals and the wilderness, gardening, hiking, nature,snorkeling, cooking, photography, art, reading, NPR Moth RH, DIY, recycle repurpose... 2 acres are a cat sanctuary for homeless/feral cats, the rest is jungle/natural wilderness, birds, trees.... I used to play the flute (a hundred years ago or so) and have just recently started again! i am learning to read and write hindi (devanagari). I also lead a disciplined and moderate lifestyle and am not bored easily.

I also enjoy a nice cuddle, going for walks, deep, and not so deep discussions It's about leaving this place better than it is, and helping ALL those in need. I was a kayak guide/naturalist/boat captain/cook in Alaska 15 years ago, then moved to Hawaii to help start a green business. I grew up as a dog person, then ran with wolves in Alaska.(ok, walked and kayaked...). i love bollywood, even though i've seen a lot of terrible movies. My interests include reading, exercising, walking in cities, travel, coffee shops, cooking, world cinema, classical music Well-rounded, eclectic and baggage-free describes me well. What I have to offer is the man I have become through this journey in life & a heart filled with Love to share.

so am, technically, more of a wilderness/wildlife person... I watch very little tv, but it is usually a documentary, nature show, or a good movie... I am self sufficient and independant but the right man can take my hand and lead the way. I like quiet conversation, holding hands walks on the beach and in the woods. At any point I have several things on the go requiring a wide range of skills and aptitudes. I spend lots of time planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and eating delicious yummy foods. Searching for the next place to eat, finding street food, following in the footsteps of Haruki Murakami's and absorb the local culture from a cafe chair is good enough for me. My current state of being is not where I'm going to live out the rest of my life. :)Change is the one thing in life that is constant. I really like to walk or bike, and sometimes do floor exercises on a mat in the house. Would love a man who has fairly simple life and would be happy with me being a really good, simple girl.

I try to live with leaving the smallest footprint.. I enjoy gardening, art galleries, bird song, laughter with freinds and time with my guy. I was originally, and still am, qualified as an accountant although, apart from a pro-bono audit of a little Buddhist charity every year, I have not regularly done any accounting for quite some time. I love to entertain my friends (they're my family Stateside). Continuing to seek enlightenment is all part of the journey. I would love to go walking or biking with the right man.

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I'm a minimalist one who advocate anything that's conducive to love and simplicity...

I have a positive outlook on life and I believe in living life to the fullest.

Yoga has given me a youthful, strong, supple body and a spirit to match that belie my age. I'm generally in bed early so I can work out the next day. I am pretty shy, and nervous around people I do not know, and have never done online dating before.

I love music - tastes range from classical to oldies (Sinatra) to alternative, but I especially enjoy acoustic Latin / Mediterranean guitar. Life is So much better sharing it with someone who sees things the way you do... I strive to be as real as possible in seeing and conveying my own feelings and needs, and not being guided by fears.

I enjoy my hammock - such a simple invention, but so relaxing! Lets see what happens Je suis un francais ayant passe une grande partie de sa vie a l'etranger... I am accomplished in my career, but ready to step out soon. I have a green thumb and want to grow my food again. It's a work in progress, and it's essential to me that a lover/ partner is also personally engaged in this work.

i am a high maintenance, goal-disoriented drama king in touch with my outer self, a knight in tarnished armor who is uncomfortable in his own skin. i'm just a homeless necromantic, living life to its foulest."i like to swim the english channel, ride along on alien abductions, levitate, read minds, flatline, time travel, snake charm, dabble in spontaneous combustion, reanimate, campaign for vampire rights, and visit other dimensions.

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