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The skipper put out a call for assistance, received by Stornoway Coastguard, and the RNLI Barra lifeboat was requested to launch at 8.37am.While the RNLI Barra volunteer lifeboat crew were mustering Coxswain Donald Mac Leod established the position of the yacht, her condition, the best route to her, and the safest return route.VHF radio contact with the yacht was established as the lifeboat rounded to the north of Fuday.The initial estimated time of arrival (ETA) given to the yacht was revised when the extent to which the weather conditions would slow the lifeboat was fully realised and the yacht's updated position established.As the lifeboat entered the shallow waters of the Sound of Barra Coxswain Mac Leod was forced to reduced speed to 5 knots.

Considering how quickly the forecast can change here I wouldn't be shocked to see some flurries at Greater Nevada Field.Both boats suffered knock-downs in the huge seas and the lifeboat's coxswain Donald Mac Leod was awarded the charity's Bronze Medal for his actions.Here, as promised, is the RNLI's official dramatic account of the rescue: The Vijara, a 12m aluminium racing yacht, was participating in the 'round the UK, Ireland and Shetland yacht race' and was on passage from Castlebay, Barra to Lerwick.When the revised ETA was passed to the yacht's skipper he became increasingly concerned with the extent of the damage to his vessel and the length of time before the lifeboat would reach him.Therefore Coxswain Mac Leod warned the yacht skipper not to close the Sound of Barra and to keep heading south south east for the southern tip of Barra and the Sound of Sandray.

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The wind was exceeding force 9 from the west and Coxswain Mac Leod became more concerned as to the conditions in the Sound of Barra.