Sirius updating channels stuck Yahoo adult chat directlry

Posted by / 09-Feb-2020 22:07

Instead of displaying 4 pages of 4 pre-set channels...

Hello- My Dart has been working great since I got it about a month ago.

If you don't get it, you can go to Sirius and have it resend the signal.

I had attempted repeatedly to activate my radio through calling them and it was always stuck on "updating".Please note, messages displayed on your Sirius XM radio screen may vary slightly from what's noted below.Additional troubleshooting tips specific to your Sirius XM radio can be found in your Sirius XM radio's user manual.Please Wait.." It never updated the channels and was stuck on the screen for the entire 25 minute drive to work.I used my XM Radio app on my phone via bluetooth, which worked fine. There is no issue with my external satellite radio on my desk at work.

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Apparently sitting overnight it decided to start acting right.

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