Sirius channels not updating Chate rolette sxs

Posted by / 04-Jan-2020 05:24

Sirius channels not updating

I thought it was because I had changed Sirius packages as it started a few days after that. After several calls to Sirius I still wasnt able to get my "code" for them.It only says "updating...please call......" Only had the Tig for a week so I really haven't wanted to bring it back to the dealer for a fix. I've updated my firmware on my RNS over a year or so ago to SW1140 with no issues - until last week.

Called SXM and they said they could not do anything about it. If this many people are having the same problem, either SXM or Subaru better be doing something about it!!I never bothered having it looked at because I know they just come back again.I reset the head unit occasionally and that seems to fix the problem.They said there isn't any action to take on our end. When I called SXM they said it was a problem with Subaru’s and they were working to fix it.I asked when I would know it's fixed and they said it would just start showing.. They did reimburse me the month I’ve been without service and guaranteed they would continue to do so.

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