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Our kids get a great chance as well to meet some new potential buddies and socialize with each other.

In the end though, we envision that the types of events we have will come from the wishes of the members, and the group can grow organically in that way. So let's get out and have a lot of fun with our kiddies; the main squeezes in our lives!

They’re going to find out anyway, therefore, you might as well spill the beans right away. Being a single parent may not be a negative thing anyway, other people have children or don’t mind other people’s children.

Your children are here to stay and if they don’t like it then away they go… Make some time: It’s understandable that as a single parent your schedule is busy with laundry, soccer practice and the other activities that come with having a child.

We’ve all gone through some tough times in our lives and some of us seem to cope better than others. Wait until you feel content with yourself and are able to move on from the past.

We also hold adult-only events without our kids as well (look out though we still like to talk about them a lot)!

Our activities all depend on what our members want to do.

People join this group for a variety of reasons, and many who are here do not want to (or are not yet ready to) date.

Some issues are common to us all, and some are different for moms than for dads.

Meeting up with other single parents gives us all a chance to talk to each other, find a good shoulder to lean on from an ear that totally gets your situation and best of all have a great time.

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The better you feel, the wiser choices you will make and the right person will eventually come a knocking!

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