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But it was the work done in the years 178389 that created a federal nation capa- ble of enduring the storm and stress of the years 1861-65. 3 Character of Lord Shelburne 4 Political instability of the Rockingham ministry . In less than three months, not only was the trouble successfully re- moved, but the important bills for disfranchising revenue officers and excluding contractors from the House of Commons were carried, and a tre- mendous blow was thus struck at the corrupt in- fluence of the crown upon elections.It was in the earlier crisis that the pliant twig was bent ; and as it was bent, so has it grown ; until it has become indeed a goodly and a sturdy tree. Burke's great scheme of economical reform was also put into op- eration, cutting down the pension list and dimin- ishing the secret service fund, and thus destroying many sources of corruption. I have aimed especially at grouping facts in such a way as to bring out and emphasize their causal sequence, and it is accordingly hoped that the book may prove useful to the student of American history. Trescot's " Diplomatic History of the Admin- istrations of Washington and Adams," on page 9 of which he uses almost the same words: "It must not be supposed that the treaty of peace secured the national life. (J5 Origin of the senates In the governor's council of ai Binta Tit B 66 (Governors viewed with suspicion * * * * 67 CONTENTS. ,, real sovereignty 98-100 JMfflitavy weakness of the government . He re- fused to meet Rockingham in person, but sent all his communications to him through Shelburne, who, thus conspicuously singled out as the object of royal preference, was certain to incur the dis- trust of his fellow ministers. OLD VIRGINIA AND HER NEIGHBOURS, THE BEGINNINGS OF NEW ENGLAND or, The Puritan Theocracy in its Relations to Civil and Religious Liberty. Illustrated Edition, Containing Portraits, Maps, Facsimiles, Contemporary Views, Prints, and Other Historic Materials. It makes no pretensions to completeness, either as a summary of the events of that period or as a discussion of the political questions involved in them. 54 The next five years were the most critical years 3ja Amer- ican history 55 Absence of a sentiment of union, and consequent danger of anarchy 56,57 European statesmen, whether hostile or friendly, had little faith in the stability of the Union . 58 False historic analogies 59 Influence of railroad and telegraph upon the perpetuity of ,., the Union (JO Difficulty of travelling a hundred years *v0 6t Local jealousies and antipathies, an inheritance from prune* Conservative character of the American Revolution State governments remodelled j assemblies continued from colonial times ........ .70 " Abolition o primogeniture, entails, and manorial privileges ft 'Jjteps toward the abolition of slavery and the slave-trade 7&-T5 ' Progress toward religious freedom * , , , 76, 77 Church and state in Virginia 78, 79 Persecul Son of dissenters 80 Madison and the Religious Freedom Act .... 82 Difficulties in regard to ordination; the case of Mason Weems 88 Ordination of Samuel Seabury by non-jurors at Aberdeen . 85 Presbyterians and Oongregationalists 86 Roman Catholics 87 Except in the instance of slavery, all the changes described in this chapter were favourable to the union of the states 88 But while the state governments, in all these changes, are seen working smoothly, we have next to observe, by contrast, the clumsiness and inefficiency of the federal government 89 CHAPTER m. The several states hare never enjoyed complete sovereignty 90 But in the very act of severing their connection with Great Britain, they entered into some sort of union . 91 Anomalous character of the Continental Congress . 92 The articles of confederation ; they sought to establish a " league of friendship " between the states . 93-97 But failed to create a federal government endowed with . 101-103 Jtoreme difficulty of obtaining a revenue . The first place in the treasury was accordingly offered to Shelburne ; and when he refused it, and the king found himself forced to appeal to Lord Rocking- ham, the manner in which the bitter pill was taken was quite characteristic of George III.Datingnmore offers absoutely free Houston dating, as well as many other singles in Ohio and all over the world.If you are single and want to jump in the Columbus singles game, make sure to follow these tips to find the potential people that you will want to have a relationship with. The barbarous superstitions of the Middle Ages concerning trade were still rife in the eighteenth century % . He had paid especial attention to political economy, and looked with disgust upon the whole barbaric system of discriminative duties and commercial monopolies which had been so largely instrumental in bringing about the American Revolution.

The present narrative may serve as a commentary upon what I had in mind on page 133 of that book, in speaking of the work of our Federal Convention as "the finest specimen of constructive statesmanship that the world has ever seen." On such a point it is pleasant to find one's self in accord with a statesman so wise and noble as Mr. Compensation of loyalists 28-32 Secret article relating to the Tazoo boundary ... Though a good party leader, he g&jy was below mediocrity as a statesman, mmist37 ' and his health was failing, so that he could not at 6 RESULTS OF YORKTOWN. The master spirits were the two secretaries of state, Fox and Shelburne, and they wrangled perpetually, while Thuiiow carried the news of all their quarrels to the king, and in cabi- net meetings usually voted with Shelburne.When we consider this wonderful harmony which so soon viii PREFACE. 14 Fall of the Rockingham ministry 15 Shelburne becomes prime minister 16 Defeat of the Spaniards and French at Gibraltar . Half a century was to elapse before the reformers wero again to como so near to victory* But Lord Itockingham's weak and short-lived ministry was nevertheless remarkable for the amount of good work it did in spite of the king's dogged opposition.has followed the deadly struggle, we may well "be- lieve it to be the index o such a stride toward the ultimate pacification of mankind as was never made before. PACffl Pall of Lord North's ministry 1 Sympathy between British Whigs and the revolutionary party in America 2 It weakened the Whig party in England .... It contained great adrainfo- trative talent, which made itself felt in the most RESULTS OF YORKTOWN. To add to the difficulty, the ministry came into office at the critical moment of a great agitation in Ireland.We say yes to a very few - limiting it to locales that are at once casually hip and romantically inspiring.As a reporter for LA Talk said, “ I walked through the venue without even noticing the tables of daters; events are so chic and low key you might just walk right by.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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123956 trf Ufojw ftrfu A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR SCHOOLS. As we now stand upon the thresh- old of that mighty future, in the light of which all events of the past are clearly destined to seem dwindled in dimensions and significant only in the ratio of their potency as causes ; as we discern how large a part of that future must be the outcome of the creative work, for good or ill, of men of Eng- lish speech ; we are put into the proper mood for estimating the significance of the causes which do* termined a century ago that the continent of North America should be dominated by a single powerful and pacific federal nation instead of being par* celled out among forty or fifty small oonnnuniti^ wasting their strength and lowering their moral PREFACE. 51 Washington resigns his command 52 And goes home to Mount Vernon . To offset these five there were five New Whigs, the Duke of Grafton, Lords Shelburne, Camden, and Ashburton, and General Conway; while the eleventh member was none other than the Tory chancellor, Lord Thurlow, who was kept over from Lord North's ministry.

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