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Sex dating in west york illinois

Below are the names listed in the grand jury report, along with where clergy members served and details of allegations.Summary: A review of information received from the Diocese of Allentown indicates that the church was aware of Father Thomas J.Another victim reported that Gaffney was giving her counseling for depression and he took advantage of her.

The investigation included six dioceses in the state - Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton.Bender's predatory behavior as early as 1972, when Bender was caught in a car with a male student from Nativity High School, where Bender was assigned.In 1984, a known victim reported that Bender abused him in 1981, while the victim was in seventh grade.The victim reported that he stayed the night at Gillespie's residence on several occasions.The victim reported that Gillespie would drink alcohol during the sleepovers.

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The victim reported that he was abused in Bender's bed, where oral and anal sex occured. He was sent to psychotherapy but again continued to serve as a priest. He was eventually arrested, convicted and sentenced to probation.

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