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Sex dating in suwanee georgia

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, the journey of life is always changing.

Whichever type of change you believe is best for you, I do believe is best accomplished with others, in teams, in collaboration, not in isolation.

I'll help you feel empowered, achieve healing, reclaim intimacy, and improve your quality of life."No one else knows about what you're going through.Maybe you have trouble opening up, or you don't want to talk about intimate issues with friends or family.The majority of clients in my practice are couples rebuilding emotional and physical intimacy after an affair or sexual addiction.Couples with other sexual issues (especially sexual desire, painful sex, inability to orgasm or unconsummated marriages), couples falling out of love, and couples struggling to communicate also find help in my office.""You will find gentle care combined with strong direction for couples in crisis in my office.

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Facing relational and sexual problems does not mean you or your marriage is broken beyond repair.

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