Seeking friends dating

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Seeking friends dating

It’s something I’ve heard my friends who seek same-sex matches complain about often.“My straight roommate has hit his ‘maximum likes for the day’ on Tinder,” Liz told me. It’s not seen as a hook-up app.”Interestingly, Alex has met a global network of people thanks to Bumble.

“His experience is a thousand percent different from mine.”Alex, who has switched her settings to include men from time to time, said, “It’s so much easier to meet a guy. She’ll log on when in a new location — whether a new state or a different country — and meet people to hang out with.

For same-sex-seeking users, it’s dating-app business as usual.“Approximately 15% of users are those who seek the same sex; 10% of female users seek same-sex matches or both male and female matches,” Alexandra Williamson, VP of Brand Content at Bumble told me.

• A 2006 study of nearly 3,000 nurses with breast cancer found that those who had 10 or more close friends pre-diagnosis were four times as likely to survive than women with “low levels of social integration.” Having a spouse had no impact.

BFF conversations will appear in green, while those with a romantic potential will appear in yellow.

As Tech Crunch points out, Bumble will initially require users to have a single profile for both dating and BFF mode, but a dual-profile feature is reportedly in the works.

• Harvard researchers studied the effect of large social networks on brain health as we age, and found that—surprise!

—“social integration delays memory loss in elderly Americans.” Both breast cancer and Alzheimer’s run in my family, so you can see why this quest is an important one.

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In the short span of three years, Alex, a 25-year-old New Yorker, has watched dating apps evolve and change — “especially when it comes to women seeking women.”“When I first started,” she told me of her online same-sex dating experience, “Tinder was the main thing.