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Punjabi women dating

Just kidding mate.( maybe not)I'm an Indian man and the dirty looks even apply to me.

If I'm walking with an Indian girl, Indian men will attempt to stare me down.

But while dating, it is very important to keep to understand whether your partner is perfect for you or not?

You need to know whether you two are compatible with each other or not?

I'm just curious to know other people's stories.

We dated for over two years before the wedding and I only got introduced to the family a few months before we announced our engagement because Sikh girls aren't really supposed to date.

They can make you happy in the most adverse situation.

Dating a punjabi girl – So these were the reasons that you should date a Punjabi girl.

If you are dating a Punjabi girl, you will remember every moment spent with her.

If I'm walking by myself and pass an Indian couple, the guy will attempt to stare me down. It gets even worse when I go out and run across a pack of Indians.

Attempting to talk/dance with an Indian girl when she is within an area code of a male Indian friend results in death stares, "Come at me Bro's", and if they are drunk enough, some fists being thrown.

They're just supposed to find a suitable boy and settle down.

I had two things working in my favour - my wife was pushing 30 when we got married and that's considered "over the hill" in Punjabi families so they were pretty desperate to get her married off.

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