Pros and cons of dating multiple men dating single dad problems

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That tiny little part of me believes that this is what I deserve, and that this is as good as it’s going to get. She believes that it makes sense that she’d have to work hard to gain someone’s love and that she should be happy that someone who clearly thinks the world of himself is even paying her attention. Those feelings are the small part of me wanting validation even if it’s validation in all the wrong ways.In this Clo Bare journey, I’ve been learning how to love myself as I am, more and more. And I know I deserve to be loved in a way that doesn’t hurt me, isn’t harmful, and doesn’t make me doubt myself, my value or my worth. When something feels bad, I try to stop questioning it and trust it. They have the opportunity to show me what they want, and when they show me who they truly are– I fucking take that shit at face value.It is familiar to me to put myself last, and other’s first regardless of the costs. They are habits that are easy to slip back into like a pair of tattered pj’s that I’ve been holding on to for too long because they feel that good.But the thing is, those pj’s don’t keep me warm anymore.

This shows up in my life a lot, not just in the world of dating.It is familiar for me to drink away the feelings of discomfort on a first date.It is familiar for me to want to deal with stress by tapping out of my day and gearing up with a Netflix binge.But bigger than that, that little insecure part of me receives affirmation.She’s affirmed in the way that she’s always had a hunch that she’s not good enough.

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