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Once you press Play, you'll see the video playing in your sidebar. You'll see a note on the bottom of your screen that says, "While video injection is running, your webcam and microphone signals will not be transmitted to your attendees.

However, you may still interact with other presenters at any time." Your attendees will see the video in full screen and be able to hear it as intended.

I admit though, even though I know they have to get new signups somehow, it makes me upset because you know they would ban one of us in a hot minute if we tried running a video feed.

Madison QT has been on SM long before I became a camgirl, and I won't be surprised if she is still there long after I stop being one.

i pop in her room sometimes cuz shes aaaaaaaaalways online and i swear to god ive seen the same "free chat" recording twice! Also the way this girl is on cam..seems pre recorded..never answers anyones questions or even types when a question is asked.. PSSSSSHHHH ...i just had to edit my post.i totally forgot that shit NO SOUND EITHER !!!! thats it.just straight up saying her screen name..." Madison QT " .

and for example..thats why im writing this so late at night cuz im amazed this person is getting away with it....aaanyways..screen just all of a sudden goes black, and she types...join me private, no more free, then guys say OK and i guess go into private...stays black a little longer.. lol i know im like hard core stalker right now.i swear its someone getting away with pre recordings and it ticks me off !!!!!! ok aaaand just this second.i had to pop back in, she was full out nude for a few mins in FREE then, screen goes black, then it cums back to her fully dressed in new clothing. No more guys never seen this girl..check her out see what u think ya shes on now, check it out!!

With Webinar Jam Live or You Tube Live as Webinar Providers, they will be able to see any polls and offers as well.The video time duration must match exactly to the URL time duration in your channel.This tells the video injection feature how long to suspend the sound and keep your camera off.Then there is a fake twitter acct for her with like 9k followers that says nothing but stuff like "about to get naked in cam come see me lol" "I love getting naked on cam mmmm lol" "cum see me for free you're crazy not to".I've even tweeted the account and asked why I'm always getting spammed about her from people and gotten no response.

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I think Laurie said, shes suppose to be some sort of software for the cam site to use to see if their site is working properly.(to enusre customers are able to go from free chat to prvt and back to free) But IMO its a total abuse and rip off of their customer base.

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