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Ordovician radiometric dating

Of special interest are the abundance of the aforementioned conodonts, brachiopods, gastropods, and trilobites which indicate the favorable marine conditions of the period. In addition, the fossils condensed in different marine strata aid in identifying and studying the many sea level changes, which had a significant effect on the fauna of the Early Ordovician. Ancient Australia: The Story of its Past Geography and Life. Around seventy percent of the shells recovered from the basin are broken which suggests the occurrence of strong tides.Through the deposition and compression of sediments that eroded from the land, the formation of strata containing distinct marine microfossils occurred.The microfossils found in these two formations are highly interpretive and signify a time with an abundance of marine life and the first vertebrates in the fossil record. J., 1991, Catalogue of Type Fossils in the Western Australian Museum, Western Australian Museum Publishing, Australia. Such findings, when correlated with similar findings that took place in other Ordovician fossil localities, allow researchers to piece together the global extent of faunal change. G., 1976, The Ordovician System, Paleontological Association by the University of Wales Press & the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Two major strata found in the northern Canning Basin are the Emanuel and Gap Creek Formations.

This break lead to the reappearance of carbonate and black shale deposits in the formation. A major conodont extinction event during the Early Ordovician within the Midcontinental realm, Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology, pp.

This formation (594 meters thick) is primarily composed of light grey limestone, green-grey shale, and a base of sandy dolomite.

The age of the fossils found in the Emanuel formation were determined using potassium-argon and uranium radiometric dating.

The tooth-like shape of conodonts (which means "suggested teeth") probably means their role was one as food gathering devices.

Conodonts were widely distributed over several continents during the Ordovician period; unfortunately, connections between conodonts found in the Emanuel formation and many others found in Europe and North America have yet to be determined.

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Such sea level changes had a profound effect on fauna in the early Ordovician period. Ordovician sea level changes can be traced in the Canning Basin strata with the appearance of condensed marine fossil sections.

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