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Posted by / 29-May-2020 14:30

If you haven’t used it before, Air Console is a gaming platform that converts your laptop into an online, multi-user karaoke machine.

In this game, your smartphone is the virtual remote control and microphone.

Your smartphones are linked to the big screen via Air Console.

Benefits of Air Console Karaoke Since its launch, the Air Console Karaoke web app has seen its subscriber numbers shoot up astronomically.One of the best things about Air Console is that no extra hardware or software is ever required.There is no need to purchase a microphone – your smartphone will do! If you want to sing with your friends, just connect all of your smartphones with one computer.Each week, this impressive library is regularly updated with fresh songs so that you can sing yourself hoarse with your latest favorite song.One of the most impressive features about Air Console Karaoke is the fact that it enables an artist to assist you as you belt out your signature tune.

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So start singing karaoke online right away, the top karaoke songs are instantly available for you to access in your browser.