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Of changesets and updating

But then you have the Edit selected work item(s) that allows us to set any fields to a new value in one operation.

You can also do this from the sprint backlog and from the result list of a work item query.

Buth they still have a limited experience, they can’t do everything that a normal team member can.Without this, we would have to rely on check-in comments from the developers to understand the reason for a particular change, not always easy when you look at changes that were done a few years back!When using Git repos in TFS, and you use the Git integration in Visual Studio you have the same functionality that lets you associate a work item to a commit, either by using a work item query or by specifying a work item ID.When Git was added to TFS back in 2013, there was no corresponding functionality available.But in TFS 2015 now, the team has added branch policies as a way to protect our branches from inadvertent or low quality commits.

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So here is a list of 10 features in TFS that I get questions about regularly or that I have noticed a lot of teams don’t know about.