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When I changed the styl source then everything worked. Even touching every file in the project didn't work.I found a way to fix it and I'm still not sure what caused it. The missing files will show up in the copied directory's ) from inside of Git Bash for Windows.I had this problem when I was editing a transpiled Java Script file instead of the source file (the transpiled version wasn't under source control).When you edit a file in Visual Studio it gets listed in git changes instantly even if the file is not saved.Sounds crazy, but sometimes you are not in the right repo even though you think you are.

Apparently Win Merge (at least the way it's configured on my computer) sometimes doesn't update the timestamps of files it changes.After thorough testing, the release candidate build is sent to Noodlecake and Apple.Noodlecake then ports the update to Android, and does their own testing.In that case you can try: git update-index --really-refresh according to the docs: I had a similar issue while using Sublime Text-3.After making new changes in the code and saving it, when I tried the git add ./status commands the response was "branch already-up to date".

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Minor updates do not have to be released simultaneously, such as version 1.5.2, where the Android version was released 30 days after the Apple release.