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Native american burial sites dating back

In Babylon and Sumer, the sleeping position was reserved for the more exalted; servants killed and buried with their rulers were placed in a crouching position so that they would be ready to serve at royal command.

Many Native Americans buried their dead in a fetal position, sometimes in a basket or clay urn, with knees under the chin and the body neatly tied into a death bundle.

Customarily, the body is placed in an extended position, in or out of a coffin, as if in sleep.

Bodies of Muslims are laid on their right side and facing Mecca.

Both caves and earth graves encouraged the development of other burial practices: the use of coffins and rich graveclothes and burial goods.

Even the positioning of the body came to acquire significance, generally of a religious nature.

Those of Buddhists are laid with the head to the north.

The bodies of ancient Egyptians were placed to face toward the west, perhaps as an indication of the importance of the land of the dead. Early cultures often buried their dead in a crouching or squatting position.

The newly expanded 3,500-square-foot museum features a wonderful selection of artifacts from the area. Have you ever visited the Florence Indian Mound and Museum? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.You can visit this Native American burial site at 1028 S Court St., Florence, AL 35630. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Grave burial, or inhumation, may be simple or elaborate.Some Eskimo people cover the corpse with a pile of stones or, if stones are not available, with a small ice igloo.

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